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True or False Quiz

1. Jesus’ primary purpose for coming to planet Earth was to die on the Cross for our sins.   T F
2. Jesus gives people life by dying on the Cross.   T F
3. Jesus gives people life by making his Father known to those willing to listen and accept what he says.    T F
4. The words Jesus spoke are more important than his death and resurrection.   T F
5. The wages of sin is death, not punishment in the flames of torment for all eternity.   T F
6. Confession and repenting of sin entitles a person to be part of God’s eternal kingdom.   T F
7. Forgiveness of sin from God guarantees that a person will be part of God’s eternal kingdom.   T F
8. God’s justice requires him to punish the unrepentant and the lost for all eternity, and it will never end.   T F
9. God’s wrath is the demonstration of his divine justice.   T F
10. God wanted Jesus to die on the Cross so the whole world could be reconciled to himself.   T F
11. God created everyone with freedom of choice, and it will never change or end.   T F
12. It is God alone who can accurately read every person’s heart.   T F
13. Anyone who claims he can accurately read his own heart as well as the hearts of others is an imposter.   T F
14. Jesus did not come to die on the Cross; he came to tell us the truth about God.   T F
15. The words Jesus spoke are more important than the blood he shed on the Cross.   T F
16. God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the  Holy Spirit are identical in nature.   T F
17. The world hates Jesus because he testifies that what the world does is evil.   T F
18. Anyone who hates without reason is insane.   T F
19. Eternal life is the reward believers receive when they die or when Jesus returns to Earth.   T F
20. For God so loved the world that he sent Jesus to die on the Cross to appease God’s own wrath against sinful mankind.   T F
21. God expects angels and mankind to worship him on bended knee for all eternity.   T F
22. In Heaven, Jesus will always protect us and  will always be our Mediator between us and God the Father.   T F
23. God the Father expects created angels and mankind to be his servants forever.   T F
24. In Heaven, God will never completely trust anyone except Jesus and the Holy Spirit.   T F

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