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Short Topics

  1. The Gift of God: Eternal Life!
  2. The Impatience of Christianity
  3. Hatred Fit to Kill
  4. Heathen Religions
  5. Jesus, the Mediator & Intercessor
  6. "Mercy, not Sacrifice."
  7. Revelation 13:3
  8. Echoes of Lucifer, the Morning Star
  9. The "Not So Nice" Jesus
  10. A Hard Teaching
  11. Let God Be God
  12. The Ministry of Reconciliation
  13. Pardon Me, Christianity,
  14. If Anyone...
  15. One Master, One Father, One Teacher
  16. War in the Cosmos
  17. Healing at the Pool
  18. Peace on Earth
  19. The Sent
  20. The Fortune-Telling Slave Girl and Paul & Silas in Prison
  21. The Testimony of John the Baptist
  22. The Tree of Life
  23. Hey, John,...What Time Is It?
  24. Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

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