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Truth-About-God.org is the web site of TAG Ministries Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit organization founded in 1997. Prior to that time, the members of TAG Ministries became involved in a small-group Bible study, and it was from this group that TAG Ministries developed. Subsequently, the result of that action has led to the formation of this web site, and the development of this site is one of the goals of TAG Ministries.

TAG Ministries purposes to witness to the Truth About God as revealed by Jesus to those people who are willing to listen and learn about God. It is not the purpose of TAG Ministries to force or direct others to believe as we do. Rather, we intend to be open-minded, to ask questions, to provide information and to present evidence that is logical and evidence that makes sense.

It would be our pleasure to communicate with everyone who may have questions about us and/or our beliefs concerning God. Our mailing and email address:

TAG Ministries Foundation, Inc.
3292 50th Ave.
North Henderson, IL 61466

TAG Ministries is a not-for-profit operating foundation that has no affiliation with any religious organization, denomination or church.

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