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Digging Ditches, Ph.D.

Digging Ditches, Ph.D. is not your normal Ditch Digging book! Although the author of this book is a farmer who has dug his share of ditches, fence post holes, under-ground water lines, building foundation walls and the like, this book describes none of the above.

Why is it easier to accept someone else's view of God, instead of "thinking for yourself?"

The content of this book presents a picture of God that, in the opinion of the author, is difficult to find in the Christian world today. How does the Christian world view God today? Is Jesus gentle, meek and mild, while God the Father is mean and wild? Is God: Harsh, Unforgiving, Unreasonable, Demanding? Will God torture and burn people for as long as God shall live? What kind of God would do something like that? If God is that way, could you trust Him? Would you want Him as a friend? Would you really want to spend eternity with someone like that?

Presented from many modern-day pulpits by sincere, well-known and popular preachers, how has that view of God managed to infiltrate Christianity so successfully? How has Satan, the devil, deceived the Christian world with his misrepresentations of God's character and the way He runs His Universe? Is it possible the Christian world has accepted and promoted the devil's picture of God?

This book is for people who would consider Thinking for Themselves!


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