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My Picture of God

I believe human words are inadequate to fully describe or define what God is all about. To me, it's impossible to define someone who is Infinite, who has no beginning and no end. And yet, this same person can be described as One who would be happy and willing to walk hand in hand with individuals down a dirt path, and he would be content and perfectly at ease doing so. I believe it would be an enjoyable occasion and a memorable time for him as well.

As the Creator and Sustainer of Life itself, this God is a friendly God who desires companionship, who respects individuality, who delights in freedom, who demands nothing. This God will graciously provide for all of the necessities of life. He knows the end from the beginning, and he knows beforehand what individuals need and what they will do, but he will not let that affect his relationship with them.

This God gives individuals the right to love and admire him as well as the right to hate him and show disrespect for him. He will wait quietly and patiently as individuals decide whether to accept him or reject him, and he will honor both decisions equally. He only asks that he be given the opportunity to present evidence about himself. Individuals are allowed to vent their feelings, to even become angry with this God, but he will still love them regardless. His nature will not permit himself to become harsh, unforgiving, unreasonable or demanding. He is a God who can be trusted.

This God cannot be seen with the naked eye, but he can be seen in the works of his hands. Not only in all of nature is he visible, but also in his dealings with each one of us. This God is a kind and gracious God who knows all about our struggles, who participates in our times of sorrow, who comforts us when we're lonely and sad. At the same time, this God smiles at our failings and is happy when we come to know him as he truly is. He's glad when we ask him questions, and he's more than willing to answer all of them. This God is on 'cloud nine' when we finally "believe at last!" (John 16:31).

This God instills his image in each unique individual. That image includes the ability to think, to make choices, to know God, and to act. This God is not rigid, but is flexible enough to accommodate the uniqueness of all individuals, - the number of which is unlimited. This God has the same feelings as individuals, and he likewise desires to be loved and admired for the person he is. He is the Sovereign of the Universe who will never use force, will never control or manipulate, will never ridicule or demean. This God knows every person's heart and whether that person is safe to save and be part of his kingdom. Even though he is all-powerful, he will still shed tears over those who are lost.

This God will govern his Universe with a blend of openness, fairness and creativity. He will reveal to everyone beforehand what will happen in the future and will show partiality to no one. He is a God of truth who willingly demonstrates to everyone what that truth is. This God is completely trustworthy and totally reliable because he does what he says he will do.

This God will do what is right...because it is right.

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