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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Freedom of Choice is the foundation of God's government and the way he runs his Universe.

God is fully committed and will defend everyone's right to Freedom of Choice.

He will even die, if necessary.


If we like God, we choose to love and admire him, and want to become his understanding friend.

If we don't care anything about God and choose to be indifferent, he will respect that decision.

If we despise God and choose to hate him, we become his enemy and want to kill him.


Jesus died to protect and guarantee everyone's Freedom of Choice.


"It is for freedom (of choice) that Christ has set us free (to choose)."  

Galations 5:1


The death of Jesus on the Cross reveals the insanity of sin, as Jesus himself clearly testified: "They hated me without reason." (John 15:25).  It's hard to believe that anyone in his right mind would choose to hate God and want to kill the Author of Life.

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