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It's Time to Quit!

It’s Time to
Quit using “I am a sinner” as a crutch, as an excuse.
Get on with life!  Know God as he really is!
Realize that God forgave you all of your sins a long time ago,
even before you were born.

It’s Time to
Get up off your knees.  Quit being a beggar.
Ask God for wisdom and knowledge that you might know him better.
Become obedient  -  a humble willingness to listen to God.

It’s Time to
Quit being a submissive servant.
God wants you to be an understanding friend.

It’s time to
Quit bragging: “I’ve been saved!  I’ve been born again!”
 “When I die, I know I’m going to heaven!”
If you can accurately read your own heart,
what purpose is there for God?
Are you usurping God’s prerogative?
Trust God that he knows character.
Stop resting on your own laurels.

It’s time to
Quit putting yourself in place of God.
What you claim to know about yourself doesn’t matter.
It’s what God knows about you that determines everything.

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